The  Baxx system uses novel cold plasma technology to produce a highly active antimicrobial environment which kills all known airborne and surface active pathogens including, viruses, moulds, bacteria and spores.

Clean germ free air as nature intended

BAXX-Air antimicrobial technology has found itself dominating in a wide range of industries and applications

Food Processing & Manufacturing

Food Preparation

Hospital & Doctors Surgeries

Nursing Homes

Children’s Nurseries

Veterinary Practices

Workplace Offices

Domestic Use in Homes

Eliminates Harmful Widespread Germs




BAXX-Air Provides Innovative Solutions for Hygienic Food Production and Preparation

The technology has been used in a number of food applications, including small goods manufacturing; lettuce leaf washing and packing to kill Listeria; game meat facility boning rooms; yoghurt cooking and rapid cooling rooms; meat wholesalers; chicken meat processing plants; flour mill storage rooms to eliminate flour moulds; seafood processing plants; and cold storage rooms.

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